WTF is Latio Tech?

Latio started from the idea that cloud security could be better than the status quo. Coming from an engineering background, James started in Cloud Security back in 2019 and was quickly disillusioned with what offerings were available at the time. Working at a mid-size company he faced first hand the challenges of bad tooling, combined with rapidly expanding cloud footprints.

He was graciously adopted into the DevOps team and raised as one of their own, being christened what a security engineer can only dream of, an “unofficial DevOps boi.” That started a journey into deep diving security tools in the rapidly evolving landscape of modern development workflows.

Latio was formed in May of 2023 to help practitioners cut through the marketing noise of the industry and get to the messy reality of most tools out there. Since then, it’s evolved into helping hundreds of vendors understand what their customers want, and more importantly helping customers stay up to date on what innovation is happening in the industry.

We’re on an awesome journey together, and we’re just getting started.

Stuff We Do

Meet the Latio Advisory Board (LAB)

The LAB brings together practitioners from operations to security to insure integrity above all else. By the people for the people! The LAB does not endorse all content on the site, but is here to provide guidance, oversight, and second opinions on analyst opinions.

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Shazia Saeed

Director of Compliance

Shazia has over 30 years of experience driving large scale compliance operations for industries of all sizes.

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Sudharma Thikkavarapu

Global Head of Product Security

Sudharma has been a security leader for large, complex enterprises with leading security teams for over 20 years.

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Branden Dunbar

Staff Product Security Engineer

Branden began his career in full stack engineering and is now a product security leader.

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Cedric Fitzgerald

Security Engineer

From Vanguard to AWS to PagerDuty, Cedric has experience building software security for leading engineering teams.

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David Clausen

Principal Software Engineer

Dave is a hands-on engineering leader specializing in FinTech and Payments. He's led engineering teams of all sizes in both executive and individual contributor capacities.

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John Duryee

Security Engineering Manager

JD has 10+ years experience in security engineering and building SOCs. JD leads infrastructure and product security, driving incident response, and DevSecOps for a global SaaS platform.

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Kimmie Linton

GRC Manager

Kimmie has driven complex compliance outcomes in the most complicated technical environmnets - from ahead of the curve startups to PwC.

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Sonny Dineen

Senior Engineering Manager

Sonny is enough of a certified DevOps guy that he doesn't even have a LinkedIn page to link to. Sonny has led DevOps transformations of all sizes in many different organizational contexts.

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Mike Thomas

Staff DevSecOps Engineer

Mike has built out large Cloud Native DevOps deployments across several successful startups. They are an innovative practioner that's always working closely with security to implement the latest in AWS and Kubernetes.

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Terry O'Daniel


From Netflix to Instacart, Terry has driven cutting edge security implementations across the most innovative tech driven companies.

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Jonathan Cordeau

VP of Product

Jonathan has been a tech and product executive in innovative companies accelerating the core technology aspects of their businesses.

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Rami McCarthy

Security Engineer

Rami has a history in security engineering for companies of many different sizes and backgrounds. He does a lot of his own awesome thought leadership and writing.



How do you make money?

Latio offers free and paid analyst partnerships to vendors, enterprises, and everyone in between to provide market insights, product feedback, and thought leadership where appropriate. Being listed on Latio's platform and thoughtful consideration within the marketplace will always be free, as will our analyst's social media presence and otherwise.

How do you stay independent?

First and most importantly, Latio analysts do not own equity in any private company on the list. Second, Latio took no money for any engagements in the first year of their existence, and continues to operate based on shared trust in providing a practioner grounded assessment of security tools. Our testing criteria and assessments will always be open source and available for replication after testing. Third, rather than claim an impossible to obtain detatched objectivity, we prefer allowing our analysts to make their opinions known so you can follow their opinions with clarity. The language on Analyst Independence in our contracts can be found here.

What don't you take money for?

Social media posts and Latio branded content are explicitly not provided as part of paid vendor relationships. We may work with vendors to provide thought leadership and share it, but it's not contractual. These pieces will always be marked, "in collaboration with."

Latio Analysts

James Berthoty

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James has over ten years of experience building cloud security programs. At Very Good Security, James was the security lead on a SOC 2 automation product, taking part in marketing, sales, product development, and everything in between. At ReliaQuest, he led internal cloud and application security initiatives for a modern Kubernetes microservioce architecture. At PagerDuty, James helped tackle FedRAMP from the ground up in a modern cloud native environment. James is always biased towards meaningful innovation and the security products that deliver real value at stopping attackers instead of generating more work.

Current Vendor Advisory Status: At Capacity

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